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How I can help you sell your home and net you more ca$h in less time!


1.) Prepare your Home

  • I will show you how to stage your home inside and out.  The objective here is make it photo ready and showing ready.  We will also do some things that will minimize problems found during inspections that may prevent your home from closing.

2.) Price Your Home to Attract the Most Buyers

  • Competitive Commission: I know that your net cash at closing is THE most important factor in selling your home.  My competitive commission options will allow you to price your home to attract the most buyers AND buyers agents.

  • Don't make this mistake! Many sellers and agents make the mistake of pricing a home either too high or too low in the beginning.  This can be VERY costly either way.  The longer a home sits on the market, the less attractive it is to buyers.  Buyers always ask; "How long has it been on the market?"  They assume there's something wrong if it has been on the market longer than the average market time.  Meanwhile, sellers are accumulating expenses to maintain the home while they're holding out for a higher price.

  • I will do extensive research to so we can properly position your home between Active and Sold Properties.

3.) Expose your Home to the Most Buyers on the Top Web Sites

  • I advertise your home in the top resources

  • Fact: Over 90% of Buyers search the Internet for homes (Source: National Association of Realtors)

  • Fact: and are the highest traffic real estate websites (Source: HitWise« an Experian online competitive intelligence service)

  • Fact: is the most used online resource for estimating home values (Source: HitWise« an Experian online competitive intelligence service)

  • I will also submit your listing to - the largest relocation network in the world

  • Great photos of your home are the "carrot" to get buyers into your home.

  • I use professional quality photography equipment and software to produce the most attractive photos of your home.

    • I take several dozen photos inside and out of the home and the neighborhood

    • I spend several hours hand touching each photo to make sure it looks it's best

    • I create panoramic photos and 360 virtual tours of your home and neighborhood

Most real estate agents are not trained or don't have the proper equipment to create professional quality interior photos.

Quality interior photos require the proper wide angle lenses, cameras and lighting. This prevents part of the room from being cut off and really shows off the true size and openness of your home.  Proper lighting equipment fills in shadows and makes your home look light and bright.  This results in your home looking bigger and more attractive.

4.) Monitor Feedback from the Market
  • Once the listing is active, it's very important to monitor the feedback from:

    • Phone Calls

    • Web site activity and statistics

    • Number of Showings

    • Listen to buyers and buyers agents comments.

5.) Adapt and Adjust to Market Feedback Quickly to avoid "Stale Listing Syndrome"
  • If you don't stay ahead of the curve you will get behind it and potentially lose more money



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