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How I Help You Buy a Home:

  • I Listen to You.  I want to know specifically what your needs are!  What size home do you need, which location works best for you, what is your lifestyle.  Do special considerations need to be factored in?  My goal is to stay within your price range and only show you properties that meet your criteria. 

  • I Locate the Property.  By researching ALL multiple listed properties, new homes, for-sale-by-owner listings, and bank foreclosures, we are able to give you the best choices for your personal needs. 

  • I Evaluate the Property.  When showing you homes, I'll point out both the positives and the negatives, even if it means loosing the sale.  I always give full disclosure.

    • How much the seller paid when he/she purchased the home?

    • How long has the home been on the market?

    • Have there been any price reductions since the home went on the market?

    • How much are comparable homes selling for in the neighborhood?

    • An honest market evaluation of the home you are considering

  • I Negotiate the sale on your behalf as a BUYERS AGENT.  My job is to negotiate the best price and most favorable teams for YOU.  Any information that you share with me about your circumstances is kept strictly confidential.  Your position on the negotiating process is never discussed with anyone but you!  You have my undivided loyalty!

  • All of this is at no additional cost to you!

Buyers - Monthly Payment and Closing Costs Estimator

Step 1: Enter Amounts Here

     Home Purchase Price

     Percent Down Payment (5,10,15,20, etc)

     Interest Rate (annual)

     Mortgage Term (years)

     Real Estate Taxes (annual)

     Homeowner Association Fees (annual)

Step 2: Press Here:

Estimated Monthly Charges


     Principle and Interest

     Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

     Homeowners Casualty Insurance

     Homeowners Association Fees

     Real Estate Taxes

Total Monthly Charges:

Estimated One-Time Charges

     Down Payment
     Record Deed

     Closing Agent Attorney

     Home Inspection Fees

     Termite Inspection/Certification

     Mortgage Documentary Stamps

     Intangible Tax On Mortgage Note

     Loan Origination Fee

     Record Mortgage

     Lenders Title Insurance Policy

     Lenders Application

     Lenders Appraisal

     Lenders Credit Report

     Flood Zone Check

     EPA Lien

     Tax Service Escrow Setup

     Document Preparation

     Underwriting Fee


     Express Mail/Courier Fee

Total Cash Needed to Close:

Percentage of Purchase Price:

The figures quoted herein are for ESTIMATING only.  They are based upon my experience using title and mortgage companies in this area.  I believe they are accurate and have taken steps to verify their accuracy, but I can not guarantee them.  Please contact me for a free custom 4 point equity analysis.

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